In 2015, the Colorado River Indian Tribes turned 150 years old, with the anniversary of the founding of the reservation in 1865. To commemorate the occasion, the CRIT Tribal Council commissioned a special documentary film to document this moment in the history of these people, this land and their story. It was the first in a series which continues the Tribes’ oral tradition in cinematic form.

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The Marking of a Milestone (2015)

38 minutes

The Mohave origins of the Colorado River Indian reservation explored.



Beyond All Boundaries: Our Land, Our Water (2016)

35 minutes

Ancient artifacts discovered on indigenous lands; CRIT’s rights to the Colorado River explored.



In Our Voice: The Chemehuevi, Hopi & Navajo Perspectives (2018)

55 minutes

How four tribes came together on the CRIT reservation; what a Japanese-American internment camp had to do with it.



Remembering: Parker World Nation (2018)

15 minutes

The story of how a diverse group of children from a small town came together in the 1990s to make a record, and their reunion 23 years later.



5420: How the Colorado River Indian Tribes Tackled a Pandemic (2021)

26 minutes

As COVID-19 swept the globe, the CRIT Tribal Council took action to protect its people.

All films directed by John Wright and produced by Jux Media for the Colorado River Indian Tribes. Co-producers Diandra Martinez, Josh Savino, Joaquin Vences, Melissa Wright. Executive producers Keith Moses and Ivy Ledezma.