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Remembering: Parker World Nation

Remembering: Parker World Nation (2018) was commissioned by the CRIT Tribal Council to tell the story of how a diverse group of children from a small town came together in the 1990s to sing in each others’ languages, make a record in Hollywood and reunite 23 years later.

The story was largely forgotten. But Songs of the Colorado River (1995) represents a special moment in which the cultural identities within CRIT were expressed in a unique way. What did Parker World Nation sound like? How did the group come together? Where are the young people now? The film revolves around an interview with the music teacher who got it all going, Cynthia Haring. It documents a reunion of the CRIT-sponsored group 23 years later, in October 2018, and includes excerpts of the seven songs in Mohave, Chemehuevi, Hopi, Navajo, Spanish and English.